Photo Gallery

A mish-mash of all the images used to create WFJ... many never finally used.

Warhol's Original Tristram Spencer Avatar

Attempt no.1

Attempt no.2
Tristram Spencer finds his face

The Original Avatar
Original Jaws

As We Know Him (or Her)

That un-named Sea Slug

Flamingo Red Pot

Flamingo Plant White Pot (final version)
Jumble Leaflet attempt 1

Jumble Leaflet attempt 2

St Mary's

St mary's
Waterer for Window Boxes

Waterer for Window Boxes
Abigail Winthrope (Mrs) & Retarded Nephew

Abigail Winthrope (Mrs)
...John looked like Elvis Costello


Jab'm memorial

Tristram's Private Memorial
Funeral Day Nerves

John Aaron Baptiste Mcmanus

John Aaron baptiste McManus 2

John with a perm

Er.... well, yeah....

Those old faded photographs

The Defunkt Princess Agipoki

Princess Agipoki Official Portrait

Kylie Minogue

Dennis Cooper


La naissance de Verity Cooper

Verity Cooper

Verity Cooper (before prison)

A Woman's Woman

Tristram's Mum 1

Tristram's Mum

Tristram's Mum post menopause


A dream

Fun with Joe M

An Ugly Green Window Box

John's Dragon Embroidered Kimono

Cheese Burger Wrapper

Steel Toilet

Tristram's Brother Miscarried and Flushed into History with the Wrapper from a Cheese Burger

Judus Tree
Tristram's Mum Does Porn
Brian The Postboy

The Postboy's Miniature

Brian Final

Brian Measures Up

Super Dong Ankle Chain

John Outside Hospital Collecting New Chair

John & Flamingo Plant
Southwark News

The Original

Southwark News

Southwark News

Southwark News


Wheelchair Cut Out
Little Dick Template

Little Dick Tracy

Morrissey. The hair Interested Me

Little Dick (first sketch)

Lee Stewart (for hair)
Flaming Chef Jason Zenobia

Flaming Chef

Eviction Notice

Tristram's Reported Death

Opening of Morrisons Trolley Dash

Morrisons Shopping Trolley

Letter from the Nuthouse (to Tristram)
John Wormed

In Preparation for the Photofit

Photofit Sketch

Photofit Sketch

Photofit Sketch


Final Photofit

Police Murder Appeal

Pollution Letter



Morrison's Till receipt

Smashed Window

Bingo Card

Eye Chart

Friends with very original Verity

Tristram's Parents

Parents father with a boner

Parents, boner, three hands and a club foot

Original Blog Colour Scheme

Final Blog Colours

Theatre Curtain

WFJ Part 2

WFJ Part 3



Tristram's Birthday: Sunday 3rd October

Tristram's Birthday: Sunday 3rd October
Cheap jam sponge or something a little more exciting? How will Mr Spencer celebrate his 32nd year in hell?

Trolley Dash August 2010

Trolley Dash August 2010
Did Tristram accidently pick up a REAL bargain?

Brian the Postboy's gift to John: an ankle bracelet inscribed 'Super Dong'

Brian the Postboy's gift to John: an ankle bracelet inscribed 'Super Dong'
Scrap metal or has John been 'tagged'. Is Tristram Spencer really the only fated man in town?

The Dangerous Dandy by Barbara Cartland

The Dangerous Dandy by Barbara Cartland
Will Tristram finally be brought to account for his love of Babs? And: is 25 years hard labour enough?

An Influx of Pigeons

An Influx of Pigeons
Is there still some hope for the fated Mr Spencer?
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