"Fuck, that hurts!" I groaned standing in the bathroom and pressing both my eyes in with my thumbs. I kept the pressure on until there was a pain in the forefront of my brain and then released. At first all was black and then red and then everything looked like it does after coming in from the afternoon sun. Only not orange, yellow... dull, deathly, empty, 40 watt bulb type yellow.

I popped another homeopathic calmant in my mouth, sucked for 57 seconds and then crunched.


  1. You don't need homeopathic calmants (ugh) whateverthey are. You need good old blue or yellow mother's little helpers. Thank you for following me.

  2. David: You may be right.I'm off to the doc nex week and will try and get something a little stronger. No worries for the follow. X


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