Sunday. Sun Day. S U N - D A Y.

Of course it's raining. On my street anyway. Ferocious, vile, lashing rain and my dismal face looking out into it from behind cheap double glazed windows. I wonder if anyone realizes I am real and not some kind of alabaster gargoyle... a permanent fixture that lurks morosely behind drizzled glass. That's what I feel like. A freakshow. The window that kids creep past as a dare. Making up myths and tales about me. When I was young it was Bubbles' house. He was a thirty year old man-child with a thick tongue. “Allo, boys!” He'd dribble, waving. Well, now I am Bubbles. Just standing here, gormlessly looking out into the void. Still, at least I can cry and no-one will notice... unless they think about the window and my face through the streams that is.

I went twelve minutes fifty three seconds without blinking. In all that time I didn't think of John once. Maybe I should never blink again.


  1. Thinking of your rain-bedrizzled windows as I sip my mint julep.

    Blinking is for chumps.

    But I cannot stop.

  2. Then I'm gonna get mean...

  3. OK. So if THAT'S "John" I don't think he's worth waiting for.

    You deserve someone nicer

  4. @: Jason: keep blinking in the beauty... don't let me stop you. X

    @ Michelle: He's a very ill man. You must ignore and forgive him, that is NOT the John I'm waiting for, he's another man at the moment. Though he does look outrageously good in lipstick! (or is that blood?) X

  5. Its only seven seconds...you can do better.

  6. ah ha...I loved this it made me think of all the houses as a small boy I used to creep past and then later as an older one play mischief on...
    John sounds kinda hot to me, anyone who includes knife play cant be so dull in my book
    Have fun....?

  7. @ Robert: Seven seconds is a long time in my life. How would you lik to be me for that long? ;) X

    @ Nick: Yes, that's it. I think we all know those houses. And while we're concentrting on the people who look sick, next door in the cellar is where the real action is. It's not unkown for a seril killer to be called 'John'. Infact, Johns have more chance of being serial killers than anyone else.

    Yeah, he's hot! But wait until he gets the hooks and electric wires out. Then the bedroom really heats up! X

  8. 'm gonna have to agree with Nick. John sounds at least intersting. I can see the infatuation.

  9. @ The Scrybe: You liked that one, hey? You can have it!X

    @ Nerstes: Oh, he's a fucking God...even crazy he is that. X

  10. Oh my. All of a sudden I feel dreadfully boring.

    Great post WFJ. You're writing has punch.


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