It's Monday and it's noon. I never went to Morrisons to confront the manager and I never will. Like the rest of this dismal world I am passive. I see the injustices, am a victim of them, yet do absolutely nothing about them. Not a phone call, not a letter, not a signature or sound. I just absorb the abuse and slowly rot away. Though maybe that's not so bad? Maybe dying in silence is the greatest statement any man can make?


  1. I'm not a stalker, honest, but do you live in a basement flat in West Hampstead? I'm sure I spotted a pile of old phone books, assorted bills amongst the piles of unwashed clothing in a place we viewed on Saturday.

  2. Darling boy- dying in silence is just so...silent. Love you, even if you hate me.

  3. i like to think my angry yelling speaks for the silent masses.

  4. Get your sweet arse down to Morrisons and demand your money back then bend the manager over and spank his bottom for being so naughty

  5. Who or what is 'Andy Warhol'?

    My nephew blinked this onto his screen:

    'Ha ha - Warhol avatar!
    Ha ha ha ha!'

  6. @Helena: Hampstead... there's a nice heath around there! If you ever want to see your MP it's the place to go and quicker than making an appointment. I do liv in a basement flat (remember the patheic suicide attempts?) but not hampstead. Keep looking! ;) X

    @ Mrs Moon: Oh, I don't hate you... was just being a little naughty! X

    @ Dolly asylum: Oh that's great. I can be passive guilt free now. X

    @ Always Horny Gay Boy: hahaha.. you've just won 'Gayest comment of the month" X

    @ Mrs Winthrope: Warhol: who or what? To preserve your psychological well-being, i'm not going to tell you. All you need to know is just like me he enjoyed Chicken soup. X


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