The pills which Dr. Dennis prescribed are starting to affect me badly. I keep momentarily falling asleep and having the most terrible daydreams. Not visual dreams, atmospheric ones. When I come to all that remains is a tone, a feeling... something very claustrophobic. I think I need a holiday.


  1. Cumbria sounds like a nice place to visit.

  2. @ Quiet Richard: i'm not going back there after what my brother done... they'd stone me to death! X

    @ Nick: I would love to but my face must stay hidden. In the further future we will meet, I know it. When all this is over we'll have a lemon tea in the Streatham sun or the Spanish rain. X

  3. What would a holiday be like for WFJ?
    It is difficult for me to imagine you relaxing by tropical waters, sipping a cool, tall glass of something.
    I picture you seeking out cool overcast skies and hunting for foul-smelling mushrooms. Or hunting for mildewed bicycle seats in the antique district.
    Inquiring minds want to know...

  4. @ Jason Zenobia: You'll find out soon enough. I'm off to Jamaica early next week. X


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