I've spent the afternoon being chased around the apartment by a huge Bumblebee. It is the first one I have seen this summer and must have gotten in whilst I had the windows open. At one point I very nearly killed it with a Jeffrey Archer book, but not even I'm that sadistic! And anyway, after the pregnant fly incident, I've given up squatting insects.

Well, it's gone now, but before departing its yellow and black body hoops conjured up a recollection in me. Nothing huge, but something very definite:

I am back on the bed and John is falling in and out of the sight. Not only is he no longer handicapped, but there is something else, something even more puzzling. It's his hair. As he thrusts back into view, his hair is no longer bleached blond, but black. That, I'm absolutely certain of.


  1. Intriguing, a new lead? have caught up with the last two posts and I'd say windows open is definitely a good sign.

    Helena xx

  2. sounds to me like john just got a lot hotter.
    take it sleazy,

  3. helena: more something i forgot! lol X

    Dusty: Yeah, he did. I will expalin my aversion to blond hair in an upcoming post. X

  4. Started a new job working in a shop surrounded by flowers. You remind me to watch out for yellow-and-black-striped invaders. I can't thank you enough.


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