I've got my window boxes, eight long green ugly plastic things. I've also 5 bags of compost, three vials of Baby Bio, a florescent pink plastic waterer, and a variety of plants. As I've missed the planting season, and want my boxes in bloom immediately, I had to go for clippings and not seeds, except Hollyhocks, which I can sow in August. It was all driven home free of charge as part of the Garden Centre's policy on purchases of over £50. Tomorrow I will rise early and plant the boxes according to my plans.

My east facing windows will consist mostly of tomato plants, but with a few Hortensia and Creeping Charlie thrown in for depth and colour. The west windows, which account for the kitchen and bathroom, will be less showy and decadent. I'm going with Dracaena (bathroom) and Heliotrope amongst Artemsia (kitchen). ALL boxes will have a healthy overhang of Sweet Potato vine. Hopefully, come mid-summer, I will have window boxes that will be the talk of the town. And who knows, maybe even a competition winner?


  1. You sound just like the twee tweedy middle class middle aged frumps I left England to get away from, a lifetime ago.

    They eventually replaced the compost they were so obsessed with, while I,Abigail Winthrope, THRIVE.

  2. Maybe, but I'll tell you, it's very far from that.

    That's a starter for 10, The Nerdettes should now start conferring. X

  3. I hope you have not just planted the perfect screen for John to spy on you through.
    I worry...I know
    Nick X

  4. You are fortunate to have east facing windows. It's hard for me to find a place for my solar-powered Queen Elizabeth statue. Her purse is a solar panel and she stands there, smiling and waving at me whilst I do the the dishes.

    It's charming to me but of course, I'm not one of her "subjects" am I?

    PS Do I get extra points for using the word "whilst"?


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