These last weeks I have seen the crazy, the insane, the unbelievable and the bizarre, but it all pales into insignificance with what has happened this morning. If I thought for one moment it was not the truth I would be laughing, but as it is, I am shocked into complete and utter submission.

Brace yourselves, because you're not quite gonna believe this one...

John is coming home, just not quite how anyone imagined. He will be delivered here in an ambulance, pushed out in a wheelchair, paralysed from the waist down! Sunday marathon sex sessions are cancelled forthwith, from tomorrow I will be sharing my flat with a paraplegic...


  1. OMG!!! Trist I've just heard! What the fuck happened? The doctors won't tell me anything. Do you have details? News? have you spoke with John? And how can he be rushed into hospital tis morning, diagnosed as being virtually compleely paralysed and be released tomorrow? It doesn't make sense!

    Please, PLEASE phone me if you have news!!! I'm trying to get through to yours but it just rings! Fuck! Tomorrow would have ben your big day as well!


  2. My spines fucked and my cock doesn't work... I just don't know what happened! And after all our plans, just as things were starting to look better. Why now?! i'm waiting for my wheelchair, the only one here in the hospital has disappered. But they promise they will find one, even if its only a manual one for now. You may need to lower the side units and table, even put a rail on the toilet. I can wipe.my.own.arse.but.not.much.else.

    Verity, if you.read.this: I'm fucked, what do I have to look forward to but bedbaths and nappy rash! I think I'm gonna need all my friends through this.trying.time. XX.X

  3. Wheelchairs aren't so bad.

    If I had my way everybody would be in a wheelchair.

    Except me.

  4. @ Abigail Winthrope (Mrs):

    That's your problem Mrs Winthrope, you don't dream big.

    You could have wished the world into an iron lung.


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