This morning John and I both watched the postboy. Me through the spyhole and John in his chair peeping out the letter box. John agrees he's awkward, even annoying looking, but reckons he'd be a great 'straight rape'. He even said “he'd probably enjoy it!”
“I like his arse,” I said “boring, I know, but for me it's proof. Proof that something so perfectly formed could never have been designed just for farting and shitting. Arses like that would tempt the Gods!” Just as I said that the postboy swept by, pulling his trolley with him. John kind of leant forward straining to get one last peek, maybe eye the underside of his ballbag up the leg of his shorts. Well, he came up against much more than an eyeful of the postboy's sack. What he got for his troubles was my ginormous hard-on throbbing away against the side of his head. And that's when it happened: I got a blowjob from a paraplegic. In the hallway, my body pleasantly trapped between wall and wheelchair, John bobbed hungrily up and down on my cock, his glasses falling off in the frenzy.


  1. I am just wondering here; would a 'blowjob from a paraplegic' involve John like reversing and forwarding his wheelchair over and over again?

  2. When he goes electric on the 29th, yes. But this time it was hand break on. By the time he finished it looked like he was having a latex mask fitted! X

  3. i'm very very happy for you.

    take it sleazy,


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