I have learnt that John being in a wheelchair can at times be used to my advantage. Jaws is now safely housed three shelves up, out of reach of dangerous or misguided hands. That prevents any future re-occurrence of the 'piss bowl' incident, but of course it does not explain why John done that in the first place. I have not even confronted him about it, somehow doing so seems utterly pointless. I feel that John wants to take revenge on me for some reason. That there is something behind these past months which explains it all.

On Thursday Verity will come over for dinner. For once that seems not too bad a prospect. I think John and I really need a mediator. Not because our relation is so broken, rather just an outsider, someone willing to ask the awkward questions. In the whole time John has been 'loose' I've not really been able to get anything out of him. Not on his disappearance, the strange events in the hospital nor his paralysis. He just clams up whenever I ask. I don't press. I feel if I pressed I would find myself nursing a busted nose. To top everything off I think John also has anger management problems, but don't we all???.

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