John is back inside, clean and powdered and in a foul mood. Even the prospect of picking up his electric wheelchair tomorrow doesn't seem to cheer him up. In an effort to escape his thunderous face I turned the green armchair to the window and sat staring out at the silver birch. I watched as the last stray birds of the evening came in and as the nocturnal insects started crawling out of holes or from under leaves. A little five-spotted ladybird curled around a leaf on the tomato plant then disappeared into the shade. Mr Bartholemew passed by with his dog. He looked like he had the world figured, like peace was in his very stride. If I wasn't me it would be a glorious evening, but on this tranquil night, it feels like my life is falling apart. Verity says that all will be fine, that things will eventually get better. But as I watched the sun go down I started to cry and knew that things would never be ok again.


  1. '87.5 !'

    Thick Blue Glasses has just called an emergency conference.

    'Back to fractions! The first since 13.5!'

    Does any of the emotion get through to him? No.

    You could say 'I've just stabbed John 13 times!'

    and he would ignore everything but the number.

    That boy will be very useful to me one day.

  2. Here's some porn for TBG: 03/10/2010

    It's my birthday and the fireworks have alread been ordered. X


    108 followers and when your mum joins it'll be 109. Tranp the dirt down, Tristy, tramp the dirt down!!!

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  5. October 3rd:

    Deaths on that day:

    Janet Leigh - knifed to death by a Psycho in a shower.

    Roddy McDowell - The Gay Disease

    (According to my nephew he reputedly had the 'Biggest Dick in Hollywood'.
    This fact and the form of death may be linked).

    Same birthdate as Tristram Spencer (Mr):

    Jake Shears - disgracefully effeminate bug-eyed high-pitched voiced queer singer from something called Scissor Sisters.

    Gore Vidal - Patron Saint of atheism.Before there was Hitchens and Dawkins there was Vidal.
    Number one on God's hit list.

    Thus: not a date to celebrate. More a birth day to be ashamed of...

  6. I can almost smell the dried tea bags on the drainer, great.
    Nick X

  7. Mrs winthrope: Your support through this difficult time is like gold dust. You've made the correct decision. I'm queer, but not as queer as John. And at least I've seen one fanny in my life - that must be worth something, no? X

    @ Nick: Teabags... ah yeah, they'll have a part to play. X

  8. Yes Tristy

    I am gold dust

    I am your friend


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