At first I thought, that like me, John was gobsmacked concerning The Postboy's miniature Member of Parliament. Then I realised it was not shock or disappointment on John's face, but rather anticipation: “No Tristy, stay put, you're not gonna believe this!” At that Brian started flapping and shaking life into his little dick. At first it got longer, then lanker, and then it started rising and didn't stop. It was like one of those kids party balloons that clowns blow up and twist into animal shapes. From very humble beginnings Brian was suddenly laying there with at least 9 inches curving to the left from a pair of super tight balls. He looked like a God. His cock really had become this delicious, meaty thing I had daydreamed about.

Brian seemed to be dreaming too. His eyes looked all dazed, like he was off his head on some weird party drug. He was staring at John who had now moved right in to the edge of the bed. Brian stuck his leg out, worked his foot under John's gown and began rubbing away. John held his foot in place and began to move gently about on it.
“Aww, ya like that don'tcha,” urged the Postboy “my foot massaging your HUGE rockin' cock - raising the dead, hee hee.” Then Brian closed his eyes, moistened his index and middle finger in his mouth, and shoved them into his arsehole. As he done that his dick seemed to swell even further.
“So come on then, is someone gonna fuck me or what? I'm a young boy that needs filling, a good arse pounding. Munch and slurp me out then bang me till I scream! Tristy, get over here, I want you to fuck me like your my father... Each thrust a punch, an insult, a kick in the ribs. Fuck me like you want me dead!”

My dreams, thoughts and fantasies were all merging together. Brian's poppy voice and desperate pleas were floating around my head in a kind of confusion. There was something very vulnerable, very beautiful and very innocent about this boy, but also something very annoying that made me want to beat on him just like he had begged. Maybe that was a natural response to his personality? Maybe he inspired a kind of hatred, annoyance in guys, then lured them in with his jewels, only for them to release their frustrations in a violent outburst of sex? He did say to John that for him it was therapy. Maybe this is what he meant? I don't know, and it's hard to think of such things when you're deep throating someone who's trying to push your tonsils down your throat; someone who is literally having a fit and forcing your head this way and that. He wanted me to suck,fuck and rim him all at the same time. He was intense and it was getting to me. For one moment I even forgot John was there. I wanted to fuck Brian like I'd rarely wanted to fuck anyone in this life. I removed my tongue from his ringpiece and watched as his moist arsehole opened up like an exotic flower. Condom, I thought, Brian's time had finally come.

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