With the best part of the week having been given over to explaining the palaver of last weekend, the more mundane details of daily life and some important particulars have been somewhat neglected. Below is a very brief summary of those events.

Brian the Postboy: Barred from entering apartment. John is still free to meet him each morning, If he is able to unbolt the lock at the very top of the front door and get out (which he can't).

Sleeping arrangements: Since Monday morning I have reclaimed the bed. John has the option of joining me, or bedding down on the floor or in his chair. Up until now he has elected to sleep in his chair.

Doctor – Renewal of my Zombie pills (Diazepam): This was due to have happened last Thursday, then Friday, then Monday. With only one pill left it is now critical. If John so much as farts unexpectedly I'm fucked. Will see Dr Dennis tomorrow morning.

Leftover goods from Morrison's Trolley Dash: Boil and bag all the remaining meat. As it stands, the meat is not rotten but most definitely on the turn. If not dealt with ASAP it will really begin to stink the flat out. Cooked it should last another three or four days. For the defrosted pizzas, melted ice cream, baguettes and fish fingers, unfortunately they'll be joining the vandalized trolley in the canal.

Friday: Pay Verity a visit in Holloway Women's Prison. John is due to come along with me, though whether he will or not is anyone's guess.

Royal Mail – Official Complaints Procedure: Write and send off an official complaint concerning one of their young members of staff and his mishandling of mail. Demand nothing less than instant dismissal.

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  1. You're very talented and productive. I love 'mishandling of mail'.xx


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