#93 Celebrity Suicide Notes - Russell Brand

My Dearest John, if I may...

Today i'm gonna take you on the longest one sentence suicide note ever, you know, like the “beat poets' used to knock out in their “blabbermouth nights” before they became overly civilised and got a little bit too distracted by other things other than the other and the fear, which I believe is inherent in all life forms, especially ours my dear kind sir, which, when ya think of it is kinda why we're 'ere in the first place, yeah, to kinda explore our fears and get past that restrictive boundary of living just to die, yeah, said the great “Lenny Henry”, yeah, you know Lenny, first white comedian outta Africa and all that, ha, like “On the road” yeah, where you've got nothing to lose and so are that much closer to God well it's like that, yeah, from my humble experience anyway, which isn't too “humble” I may add in quotation marks that have no real right to be there, but hey, I like quotation marks which brings me around to thinking about what exactly I am doing here, yeah, with like this “Dickensian pocket knife” yeah, that could be used to scalp trees, like boy scouts or the cubs, or, OR a good ol' face stabbing like I'm doing now, uh, fuck, this really hurts, shit, in my humble opinion, alwight, which isn't TOO humble I may tell you, no quotation marks (i may add in brackets), yeah , like blah fucking blah, blah blah, etc, etc, etc, blah blah blah stab, stab stab, until “stab” the end of time “stab” when we all fuck off and die, stab stab stab!

Also I used to be a postboy.

Take Care my festering one...

Hare Krishna.



  1. Oh well, we can all make the occassional blooper... need I mention decimals or fractions? Point taken Mrs Winthrope, RB has now signed off with a "hare krishna". X

  2. Mr Brand is the sucker for believing in that Hare Hare claptrap.

    He will soon join George Harrison in oblivion.

    When will the other 257 'religions' see the light?

    As a Fated Man Mr Spencer you too will have to decide on the religion you will die in...


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