Roy Walker, the once compère of the hit TV gameshow Catchphrase, used to urge the contestants to “Just say what you see!” or “If you see it, say it, thats the way to play it!” Well, here's what I saw.

Someone who looked like they were on the way out with cancer, shaven headed, six stone and drunk. At first I thought it was the Morrison's bum come begging for my shopping receipts again, but then it threw itself against me and started crying: “Triste, it was a fucking nightmare, Darl! A real fucking nightmare!” The voice was familiar, but it was the infamous Red Lesbo shoes which ultimately gave her away. This was no Morrison's bum, but a prison ravaged Verity Cooper, free after 32 days at Her Majesty's expense.


  1. Finally, a woman to sort all this out.

    And a queer one at that.

    No offense to Mrs Spencer but there are certain jobs only a dyke can do.

    I do not approve of the life style, but I have many Saphists on my payroll and they are worth their weight in hobnail boots.

    Chastity Bono used to be the finest bouncer in the Western hemisphere.

    Get to work Ver!

  2. Yep, Ol' V's back on the scene. Not in such great shape but nothing a few hearty vegan pizza's won't sort out.

    Concerning my mother, I'm not absolutely convinced that she isn't a dyke. Apart from being raped twice at the hands of my father there's not really been much cock action in her life.

    No, if I were you (and thank Christ I'm not) I'd keep a good eye on mother. Her fetish for jellied eels could mean anything. X

  3. Please do not take the Lord's name in vain.

    It's like a sticky kitchen knife through my perm.

    When I say 'Jeez' or the like, God knows I'm just being friendly.

    So he tells me anyway.


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