Saturday Oct 2nd - Late evening.

At first it was a single drop. It burst in the yard like a crown. Was that rain? I thought. And then it came down in huge sobbing blobs, and then faster and harder. And then the wind drove in from behind and up above fantastic things were happening. And now the rain swept down in sheets and cut the city up like a guillotine. And with each slash, lightening exploded and thunder clapped and little fires erupted and sizzled along telephone lines. Tree's snapped in two and blew away and already sirens rang out in all directions. The city was under siege. The storm had begun.


  1. I guess it is too late to RUN!

    Beautiful writing.

  2. Happy birthday to you
    Happy birthday to you
    Happy birthday pathetic little masochist queerboy
    Happy birthday to you!

    The Nerdettes, who collectively have memorized every famous person's birthday ever, inform me that you were born on the exact same day, month and year as their 'absolute favourate pop star'

    Jake Shears


    'Scissor Sisters'

    Who I presume are some sort of hairdressing Supremes.

  3. Jim: Nice to see you back. Yes, too late for running... this storm will have to be sat out. I suppose it's for the best. X

    Abigail: Tell the Nerdettes he's an imposter! X

    Tristy 'Shears' Spencer

  4. Lovely description, of the storm, its is raining here today, non stop.
    "Born in a storm" .. Weren't they song lyrics...?
    Anyhow Happy Birthday Tristy I am thinking of you during this scary time

  5. Oh dear.

    Now Tristy 'Shears' Spencer is The Nerdettes' favourate pop star.

    And they are EXPERT stalkers...

  6. To All...

    Please excuse the delay in posting. It's not intentional or to keep you in suspense, just having huge troubles writing today. Not a block, kind of the opposite.

    There will be two posts and hopefully the first will be posted within the next hour or so.

    The Real Tristram Spencer. X


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