[Telephone conversation transcribed. Call made by Verity Cooper to Tristram Spencer. 1/2]

Tristram: Verity.

Verity: Tristram, we must speak. You must explain things. Many things. My mind cannot nearly accept what you told me last night. I believe it, but I need to have things explained, have my questions answered. If you do not, cannot or will not answer even one question I will put this phone down and immediately... well, you know what. OK?

Tristram: OK.

Verity: First, the fight. John coming at you, what happened? Couldn't you have just fled? Why did you have to kill him?

Tristram: I had fled too much those months, I mean, you saw it yourself, you saw what was happening. I almost permanently had a black eye. I'd been raped, tortured and abused daily for months. The night before it happened John even stabbed me in the hand. You know because we spoke of that on the phone. Even you was scared for my life. So when he came at me, running, on my birthday, Jesus, d'you know the fear that passed through me? Him out his wheelchair and his hands ready to strangle the life clean out of me. Well, I saw that and I saw hurt again and 'Danger! Danger! Danger!' And I didn't plan it, but the plant was there and I thought to smash it on his head and make my get away. And that's what I done. The first blow was an accident.

Verity: Fuck, what do you mean “The first blow was an accident”? You had planned the rest?

Tristram: Well, they weren't planned in advance, but i consciously knew I was going to hit him. Not so much the second time, but after he went down, when he was fitting, the following blows were frenzied and I wanted him to stop. I wanted the pain to stop – for me and him. So I hit him again and again. But I never once thought of killing him, just stopping him. So those blows I made a clear decision to hit him, but the first was instinctive. I had the flower pot and then it cracked him on the head. It was a surprise to me too.

Verity: Hmmm, well it seems awfully, extremely OTT, but I can get on past that. I did see what was happenening and I know it was bad. I've also seen domestic violence first hand, so can just kinda understand how things escalated to that. It's not the first time it's ever happened. But that's not my real problem – no where near! What I cannot understand is what happened next, and you really have to go through this carefully with me. First, why no ambulance? Maybe he was still alive and could have been saved?

Tristram: Maybe, but I don't think so. He was completely bashed in. His tongue was bitten off and his eye was out and he was not breathing and he was slumped between bookcase and green armcha....

Verity: Hold on, hold on.... that's another thing that doesn't make sense. When he fell down 'fitting' he was on his back, yes? So how did he finally end face down between the bookshelf and chair????

Tristram: Er, no, when he was fitting he was kind of on his side, as if laying the other way in bed. Maybe it was with the fourth blow, I can't remember, but he had this huge spasmodic episode, it was scary, and he flipped over onto his stomach. I think he was trying to crawl away. So I hit him again.

Verity: Right!!! But continue, why no ambulance?

Tristram: I panicked. He was dead. I can't prove it, but I know it. I suddenly started thinking of crime, and police cells, and prison, and being taken away... and it was my birthday! It was my fucking birthday!!! I didn't want any of this to happen. I awoke with dreams that John would give me his heart. Even if I knew he wouldn't, that was my only dream for that day, that John would say “Happy Birthday Tristy, I love you!” So I didn't phone the ambulance, because I didn't want to be taken away on my birthday, and quite honestly, I had temporarily lost it.

Verity: But if you had have phoned the police, you could have explained... you wouldn't be in this mess.

Tristram: Explained! Come on! We both know what the police would have done. Do you think they'd have cared for my accusations of being victimized, abused, raped? Nothing ever reported and no witnesses? They would look me up for life. 'Man imprisons paraplegic, uses him as sex-dwarf then bashes him to death' That's what the headlines would have been. They would have hung a 25yr homosexual charge on me(disguised as murder) and locked me up for life.You know it. That wasn't an option – not for me.

Verity: No, I'm not at all sure that's what would have happened, but anyway, now the most puzzling part of all: after four days (you locked away hoping John would make a miraculous recovery), you decide to go in the living room, turn the body over, dismember it, wrap it in cling-film (which you so conveniently happened to have 30 rolls of from the Morrisons trolley dash) and bury him in the window boxes (which you also so coincidentally happened to have 10 of)? Why
dismemberment? Why not dump him in the street or the fucking canal? Why the grisly act of cutting? And also, and I'm sorry to have to ask, but it keeps popping up in my mind, was the killing and chopping up actually all planned far in advance?

Tristram: Oh Verity! What I don't understand is this: “Why not throw him in the canal?” What the fuck??? Isn't that just the same? Don't you see, just by suggesting that you are already thinking in exactly the same way as I had – you are trying to think of a way out. So what, it's ok to kill and dump the body, but not ok to kill and dismember it? That's ridiculous. You're suggesting that my greatest crime is dismembering the body, not killing it? That's where your argument leads. And quite honestly, I'm not sure dismembering a body is a crime??? maybe tampering/destroying evidence, I suppose, but that's a petty charge. Imagine you find your grandad dead – through natural causes – and in a bout of insanity you carve the body up and bury it, what's the crime? It's not murder. So you're concentrating on the wrong things. You don't care so much that I killed John, but that I dissected him! Anyway, of course I'd rather have dumped the body, but if I had I would have been arrested immediately. It wasn't a possibility – or it was, but a very bad one. I thought of all those things, everything from wheeling him to a park and leaving him there to phoning the police and saying I'd found him like that. But they all had the same result: prison. So in a blaze of insanity and bad decisions I saw the window boxes and thought the best thing is to just make the problem disappear. And that's what I done. Yes, it's crazy, I know, but I done it. As for all this being planned!!! Don't be pathetic! Those things were there and I used them. I improvised. Next you'll be accusing our finest Jazz players of intent! I just used what was at hand, what felt the best thing to do at the time. Nothing else.



  1. yes, she's in a tricky situation but if there's the feintest hint of her going to the law, well, she'll be next. X

  2. Dear Tristram,

    This gets better, every day!

    Please post, if you like.

    G =]



    Now things look a little different.

    How important is Verity to you? More important than your freedom? Are
    you looking forward to being brutally sodomised and assaulted while
    spending the rest of your 'natural' at Her Majesty's Pleasure, in
    Boradmoor (if you are lucky)?

    Either you have to go, or she does ... and quickly.

    Do you have any interesting skills? Or maybe you are a dab hand at
    washing dishes? Either way, you could do worse than heading off to
    South America - possibly getting lost in Sao Paulo. On the other hand,
    my cousin lives in a Bangkok suburb, and makes a nice living from
    cleaning the pools of ex-pats. US$100 a month is more than enough for
    him to have a nice life, and plenty of entertainment.

    If you don't fancy cleaning pools, how about teaching English - checks
    on qualifications are not terribly rigorous in some places. Use your
    computer to produce some impressive certificates, and you will be fine.

    The man you loved is gone - I suspect he actually left a very long time
    ago. So - what's to keep you? Pack a small bag, at get going. Today!

  3. @ Gurney:

    Are you looking forward to being brutally sodomised and assaulted while spending the rest of your 'natural' at Her Majesty's Pleasure, in Boradmoor (if you are lucky)?

    That part doesn't seem too bad... though I suppose you're right, I could get that in Bangkok too. X

  4. I was just about to thank you for allowing me reading access and then I see your comment above! I hope it's a joke, though if it is, it's in very bad taste.

    You're mother keeps asking ME why she cannot read YOUR blog any more? She says, "Everytime I go to the address it states: 'This blog is for private readers only'. I think she's sent a mail asking for granted access.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. ' if there's the feintest hint of her going to the law, well, she'll be next. X'

    Do it!

    Then: The Death of Brian

    (a play on the title of that dreadfully blasphemous Monty Python film)

    I have the most marvelous people on staff in my empire: corrupt cops, corrupt lawyers, corrupt priests, mentally challenged children who will carry out my every whim.

    But I've always wanted a serial killer.

    And you would fit the bill perfectly!

    Think of all the people who've wronged you - from Marlowe's owner to everybody on Southwark Council.

    But I fear you're remark was a joke and you'll wimp out.

    Pity you offed JAB'M - he was my second choice.

  7. That play on the title of the brilliant Monty Python film is strange because one of my folders in my inbox makes reference to the same thing. It's called 'The File of Brian' (really).

    What makes a serial killer? 3??? 4??? One really bad one? There's hope for me yet... there'smore than one way to access your kingdom. X

  8. And so you can see how the world sees you - they were not 'there' at every step of the journey of the past few months (unlike your avid readers). Prejudice and judgement are the words of the day. You don't stand a chance of getting away with this - at least, not now that Verity knows. Her reactions in this phone conversation have placed her in a dangerous position. She is either going to turn you in very soon, or come to see things as they are. The question is, "Is she going to be on your side, without question?"

    I don't think she is. And hence she is now in a very dangerous position.

    Having done away with John (accident, or not) you have seen how easy it is. Hopefully, you have already found out how much a ticket wherever is going to be - book it now, and get the tube to Heathrow, and get going. If you want to tie up some loose ends, why not take a detour via her apartment: I am sure you will be able to think of something.

    Don't you see yourself teaching English in Bangkok, or Phnom Pen? It has a nice ring to it, don't you think?

    Let's see where this story goes next ...



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