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  1. Is subtle is not a word you are aware of Tritram? xx

  2. The scene is my living room going from me agonising about my lack of webcam to seeing this post and laughing out loud hysterically. The dramatic variation in emotion was a soap opera and everyone in the room thinks I can only be bipolar!

  3. Brilliant. Just brilliant.

    Mr. Spieswinkle has a terrible eye for typos.

  4. @ Wildernesschic: It wasn't me. X

    @ Mrs Karenina: Welcome and thanks so much for reading... you could very well play The Garbo Tranny if this thing goes live! Tristram. X

    @ Lena: I wish I was bipolar, anything would be better than these extreme highs and lows I keep going through. That was your proper cameo. X

    @ Simon: Thank you! And I haven't forgotten you, you're lined up for an appearance in the next issue. Typos, yeah, embarrassing isn't it! ;) I've just cleared a couple up and those left can indeed be credited to Mr. Spieswinkel. X

  5. HAHAHAHAHA!! that is the funniest thing i have read in a looooong time!

    wipes tear ;.p

    thanks! i totally needed that!

  6. Biki: That's ok... it was a pleasure. Just glad you enjoyed and that you're still around reading. X

  7. Praise Jesus, another miracle. Tooooo funny!

  8. I think I could use that Father Mills.

    I wondered if you were going to quietly forget that wheelchair on church steeple thing. The Nerdettes sure haven’t. It’s on their ever growing list of Things Still To Be Explained. (Which also includes Red Thing From The Supermarket). They will haunt you until every last loose end is tied up.

    Marlowe is trouble. I still think he’s had a stroke due to the way his head is all turned to one side. My own silly stroke boy - the one I was good enough to promise to look after 24/7 - has gone and fallen down a well. And I get the blame!

    Anyway I’ve got my great friend Simon Cowell and his wonderful organization to come up with a charity single (a cover of The Simpsons’ We’re Sending Our Love Down The Well) Sting and Bono are in the bag.

    Simon jetted over here to sort things out. He took one look at my nephew in his weird wheelchair and Thick Blue Glasses in his weird thick blue glasses and said

    ’I want them for the next Idol’

    ’But they can’t sing. My nephew can't even talk!’.

    He just rolled his eyes.

    And I realized there were those even more cynical than me…

  9. @ Jim: Yes, another miracle, hahah. The people tjhis end of town are blessed! X

    @ Abigail: I have a feeling that the chair on church debacle will never be cleared up. It's just one of those things in life which happen adn are never explained. However, I can clear up one little mystery for you here:

    The red thing from the supermarket: That was a Red Herring

    It was there to take all attention away from the 30 rolls of cling film that Tristy came home with.

    A Well of Blame... I know first hand that they do exist and just how murderous they are to get back out of.

    Oh God, European Tour: Thick Blue Glasses & the Nerdettes (supported by Susan Boyle). They'll have every retard from Glasgow to Bucharest out headbanging and flapping their arms about. Give us a shout when tickets are available! X

  10. 'A red herring'.

    Yes you said that before. But that concept does not exist for The Nerdetttes. Expect the worst.

    I never even questioned the 30 rolls of cling film. I'm slipping.

    Simon is talking about starting a phony war for Christmas number one:

    On one side his Idol winner whoever he decides that is. On the other Thick Blue and the Nerdettes (featuring rescued stroke boy on tambourines), who will be supported by a Facebook campaign involving Special Needs Children groups. Both will be managed by Simon of course, who will get all the profits whoever 'wins'.

    Simon is to music what Fred Phelps is to God.


  11. Well Tristram,
    This is for you. AWOO!


  12. Thank You Lena. X I love the little musical phrase that runs through the song and of course cannot stop going: AWwooo! X

  13. A number of things come to mind:

    [] The stunning physique of the chap who carried the wheelchair aloft -

    [] The playful and inventive mind that decided to put it there

    It reminds me of this:


    G =]


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