WFJ - Part 3: Towards the End


  1. Before we start Part3, a thanks to everyone who's reading and those leaving comments:

    Abigail Winthrope; Anne; Stacy; Jim; Lena; Dusty Rose; Nick Brooks; Soup!; Wildernesschic; Helena Halme; Amak; Adriana; The Flaming Chef.

    Towards the End is lifted from Joseph Mill's book of the same title (go and buy it) - Joe is also the wicked hand who writes the part of Abigail Winthrope (Mrs).

    WFJ will end 01/01/2011 just as the new year strikes in.

  2. T'will be a sad day. Much enjoyed and looked forward to.

  3. 'Joe is also the wicked hand who writes the part of Abigail Winthrope (Mrs)'.

    I beg to differ.

    My only creator is the Lord Our God.

    Do not fuss with my brain Mr. Spencer.

    My grip on reality is often tenuous at best, due to evil doctors and their wicked drugs, attempting to 'cure' me - of what I will not say.

    They also pumped enough electricity through me to keep Oxford Street Christmas lights burning from now to The Rapture.

    In those days Shock Treatment was no laughing matter.

    But I survived and flourish.

    Anyway, you clearly believe you are not master of your own destiny -

    'Do you have any idea of the twisted mind that is controlling my fate?'

    But that's YOUR madness.

    YOU may be Fated

    But I am DESTINED


    I look forward to wishing you a happy and holy New Year!

  4. Don't listen to a word that mad woman says...

    Thanks for all the publicity! (Here and elsewhere).

    I was truly surprised by John's death - just came out of nowhere - and now I have absolutely no idea where you're going next.

    Which is the best of all possible worlds.

    No doubt I'll keep speculating on the twists and turns.

    Rather, Abigail will.

    Because we really are two different people and she doesn't exist in her own right.


    There is no foaming potion.

    And if you see a book called

    Dr.Jekyll and Mrs Winthrope

    It's all lies. Lies I tell you!

  5. Of course when I say 'We really are two different people' I mean we really are the same person, but uh, one of us is fictional.

    Just wanted to clear that up...

    (Scientists speculate that there are an infinite number of universes wherein ALL possibilities occur. Which means that possibly somewhere in a galaxy far far away, Tristy and Abby actually exist...)

    I'm wondering if the 'Do you have any idea of the twisted mind that is controlling my fate?' line is significant - ie if it's going to get meta or supernatural.

    That would be fun.

    But it will be fun whatever.

  6. @ Jim: Thank you so much, and so much again for reading and commenting and your time. X

    @ Abigail: It wouldn't be too far-fetched if WFJ ended with me banging you alien messages through the walls of an asylum. It's quite obvious of what they're trying to 'cure' you of.

    @ Joe M: It's a pleasure to give your books a mentuion whenever possible, and as you've probably noticed, I enjoy involving the people reading and helping me in my work. If anything does ever come from the writing then there are so many little memories and references within it that are like little keepsakes or secrets or insights into that moment. Also, because this is an online work it's nice and feels right to give cameos to all the virtual characters. I suppose it's just me being sentimental.

    I'm sitting here convinced that everyone almost second guesses what's going to happen. I'm aklways waiting for the comment that nails it and I have to quickly delete! haha. But even if the storyline was obvious, that wouldn't matter because it's more what is told within it and how it's told. But it's still nice to give other little surprises and that kind of drama. I think it's something I've learnt writing this, that the writing doesn't always have to carry itself, but sometimes can be pulled through on the drag of other things.

    No, it won't get supernatural. It could, because some of the strange unexplained things which have happened, but no, it will stay withing reality and certain insanity, but things which are real. I think part 3 will kind of level out the humour of the first two parts and give a different feel to it, make it a little more serious. But part 3 will also have that dark humour. Tristram's POV alone ensures that.

    Rather than have John return as a ghost or spirit or something, it was the reason I put in the storyline of him keeping his own blog. It was a future safeguard to be able to bring him back... if we started missing him! Also if I ever want to write a WFJ sequel it could be John's diary of events. But John may make the odd spooky comment here or elsewhere, but it'll be just for fun.


  7. Seeing John's alternative blog of events would be fascinating.

    Yes it's always great to see long-timers' names in the text - who knew that Dusty Rose was a lawyer - sounds like one of Abby's Hot Cowboys from The Texan Years...

  8. Hot desert cowboys - Dusty R's*

    That makes sense.

    *Dusty Arse (if it's not obvious).

  9. You, sir, have spun an interesting yarn. Can't wait to see how it ends.

    (I hope Brian gets the axe. I can't stand him)

  10. This has been the weirdest set up I have ever been part of! Of course, I would have it no other way and thanks! I have often been at my screen with my mouth wide open and other times I have laughed a lot. As Hunter S. Thompson says, When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro ;)


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