I think Jim has a point. That comment he left about mailing the 'Cracker Jack prize' ankle chain to the little home wrecking post person, telling him to have John put it on during their next mammoth fuck fest - it's certainly worth considering. My main point of contention is about placing a potentially damning piece of evidence in my arch enemy's hands. It just doesn't feel like the best thing to do. Also, it would immediately bring about the question of how I came to be in possession of it? Ok, I could explain that away quite innocently but it starts off a suspicious line of questioning, and the last thing I need right now is Little Dick Tracy thinking of John's disappearance as 'suspicious' while he's also searching the remains of an unidentified cockless corpse in the area. Even with his cotton ball brains he may connect the two.

So I think I'll pass on giving Brian the actual bracelet, but I do think a public confrontation with the little turdslurper is well over due. Though take heed Jim, if it all goes pear-shaped you could just be my latest 'innocent doodle' in the back of another Barbara Cartland Classic...


  1. I hope that it would mean WFJ wouldn't end as you have said.

  2. This might be a test for my devotion to Jim. I can't be sure but I think he looked out for me.
    I think you might have mars on your hands Tristram.

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  4. @ Jim: It's better a beautiful flower flourishes and dies than never appears at all. It'll be hard for me to finish WFJ too as I've lived Tristram Spencer this last year. So the only way is to end it with a kind of beauty that will live on in its own way. X

    @ Lena: yes, I remember you having mentionned Jim once before and throwing me off. I did a Google search and everything not wanting to look uncultured! I'm just going to look at your link now. X

    @ Khmer Student: No links here I'm afraid. But if you read and comment regularly you get the best link possible: a genuine one. X


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