It seems that loyalty in this world is not a word the mass understand nor care much for. In the last months I've been betrayed and shat upon by just about every creature with an arse, but Marlowes deception is one that has hit me especially hard. For months I've fed, groomed and loved that dog as though it was my own, even going so far as taking it in one day. So if there was one thing in this world I never thought would betray me then it would have been him. But he has betrayed me and in the very worst way. That I'm still free and not languishing in a police cell right now is grace only to one thing: the fat fist of Mr Bartholemew, crashing into my nose and laying me to ground...

(Readers: This is in no way the post that was intended to follow #169, but in order to post at all I had to make it short. Also, please excuse the temporary disturbance in posting, from tomorrow we'll be back to daily entries.)


  1. Poor thing you must be devastated .. to be betrayed by mans best friend.. unthinkable xx

  2. I hate to pontificate but John's loyalty is in little bits in green window boxes! This is where I throw the bible at you!

  3. Mar-lowe


    Why hast thou forsaken me!

    Marlowe is a dog.

    He knows not what he do.

    Drama queen...

  4. Now how'd you get into this situation, Tristram? Damn beautiful dog.

  5. Kiss the day goodbye, Tristy.


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