Under the covers, in the itchy darkness, I heaved and blew out hot breath. For some reason, instead of worrying about Verity and if she'd be on her way to the cops, my mind kept returning to thoughts of Brian, his disgusting little entry into mine and John's life and how he had made the world even more warped than it already was. John was mean before, that's true, but his meaness took on a whole new dimension after the shitlicking Postboy arrived on the scene. To John it then felt like I was denying him something, was the barrier blocking his route to fresh adolescent flesh. Not that Brian's flesh is fresh, of course, far from it. He's a fucking 6ft sex scab. But something pulled John his way... it was like he had a magnetic arse or something. Anyhow, it changed everything and it brought out dangerous passions in us all.

Out of breath with rage I swept the covers back. Brian! I couldn't leave it. I pushed myself up and hurried back to the living room. In the pitch dark, my pale thin legs poking out from a pair of grubby Y-fronts, I stood there waiting for shitface to show himself. So he wanted to play games, huh? Spend his evenings passing by mine with a book that he had obviously bought just to put the frighteners up me? How very low and pathetic. But Ok, Brian, I'll play your childish little game.

When I saw him coming I scampered across the room, flicked the light on and rushed back. Then I pushed my face flat tight up against the right window pane so I looked all watery and spastic. As Brian passed I blew against the glass so my mouth all inflated and my cheeks rippled like a parachute opening up and taking air. That got his fucking attention alright! Oh the look he cast me. I've never before seen anyone with such a bizarre expression plastered across their face. A scared look. Worried. It was beautiful!

“Ha! take that Brian!” I screamed “I'm just as crazy as you!”


  1. What do you want, you little f*ckers?

    more of these idiots





    pz myers does not exist…


    atheists, we’re gonna cut off your heads…



  2. @ Anonymous: Mail me.X

    @ Simon: That's a new expression on me! I'll understand it by it's sound. X


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