Before the car had even rolled to a stop the passenger-seat and back doors flew open and Little Dick Tracy and his Goons leapt out and hit the tarmac running. With their ID's already in hand, I watched them file through the garden gate, up the yard and then felt weightless as the door shook with the force of the rap that was beat upon it. I swallowed two tranquilizers and then opened up my eyes sunk with the weight of despair.

“Tristram Spencer,” said Little Dick in a voice I had never heard before “can we come in? We'd like to question you on the disappearance and suspected murder of Mr John McManus.” A piece of blank looking paper was momentarily flashed in front of my face and then as if from nowhere another four detectives were on the scene, rushing down the hall and branching out into each of the rooms. I remained silent, standing there staring at Little Dick's tie and thinking how much it resembled a noose.


  1. oops .. just had to run to the little girls room.. I am so scared for you xxx

  2. Did Verity squeal?

    Or are they bluffing that they've got something?

    (Blank paper: pretend search warrant).

    Or maybe they do have something.

  3. The Real Tristram Spencer says:

    Ruth: be scared. X

    Abigail: No, it seems it was Brian. John missing, murder plans in book, photfit that vaguely ressembles him and he was lurking about outside when... oh, well that's another post...

    I don't think the search warrant was blank. But the speed with which they push them in front of your face and then disappear, they might as well be. So you never really knoww if its a real search warrant or not and if you ask to see they threaten to arrest you! X

  4. you should have moved the day you got the eviction notice. Sao Paulo sounds good about now.

  5. The Real Tristram Spencers says:

    Simon: Oh my, indeed... X

    Jim: That eviction notice has not been forgotten and will make a reappearance in a later post, but yes, Brazil, deep in one of the rain forests (if there's any left) would be a good place for Mr Spencer right now. X

    A new post will be up in a couple of hours. Just writing it now.


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