Through the night it snowed. I sat and watched it come down: soft white flakes out the blackest sky in history. Outside a mysterious shadow sat in a car. I could not see his face but could tell he was looking my way. At times I would see the orange tip of a cigarette burn bright and then fade.

I thought of making a sign to the man surveying me... wandering out in my pants and asking him if he wanted a cup of tea, but finally I never did. I just stood there looking up and watched the beauty as the world came tumbling down.


  1. A short, but I think beautiful post today. It's all I had. X

  2. very beautiful.
    i hate the feeling of being watched.

  3. It's snowing here too. But I can turn it off.Though more often I make it snow in Summer.

    It would be nice to fade back to the earlier shorter introspective posts towards the end.

    If there's one comment a day that would make a nice round 200 on the 31st. The January 1st one could be an epilogue...

  4. Dusty: It was for you! X

    Abigail: yes, I liked the smaller posts but they were written with no direction and so were easy and could be like that. Once a story got involved it was impossible to keep them short (if I wanted them to be nice as well). They would have ended as lists and results and I didn't want that. The final posts will be very introspective but I'm not sure how short as there's a lot to get in. Not in terms of story but in terms of making sure the right tone is found for the ending... so when the ending comes it feels right and feels finished. I think the last two posts will be some of the most beautiful stuff I've ever written and the final post, just ideas I've had for it, made me shiver.

    I normally give exrended posts when I've been a bit naughty and missed a day. Thats not to make up to the readers but to make up for the story that was lost.

    yes, 200 will be a nice figure to end on.. that's how it will be. X

  5. Can't wait!

    Anyway you can make it 200 by the abc thing.

    I deliberately haven't re-read any posts so it will be nice to go back and read all in a oner.

  6. Lovely, I like the description of the world tumbling down, it has been doing that a lot here lately .. and the thought of you in your pants serving tea to your stalker... you are a kind man..
    I hate stalkers especially paid ones they are the worst.xx


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