The Countdown Begins....

Hiya ALL.

Firstly the bad news: there will not be a WFJ post today. However, the good news is: instead you get a little personal message from me. So here it is...

It is now official, Waiting for John will end at 00h05* on the 1st January 2011 (in twenty days). That means we will celebrate Christmas and see in the New Year together,  before parting company.... when the final full-stop is placed at the end of the final sentence of this work.

If you will miss reading WFJ, I will also miss writing it. Tristram Spencer has been so much a part of my every thought these past 8 months that I really do feel that he exists somewhere inside of me. So it will be hard and emotional to put that to rest, but I think it is for the best: to leave it at a point where it reaches its pinnacle and before it becomes repetitive and burns out on itself. To continue writing until it no longer felt urgent would be the greatest tragedy that could befall the work.

After posting the last WFJ entry I will then take a month off to arrange it into a book which will hopefully be picked up by a publisher. WFJ The Book will have many changes (especially the first half) and 30 - 50 supplementary posts added. After a month though I'll be back and we'll then take another journey together. That journey will be called:

The Daily Faults of Aristotle Conman*

What that will be about I have absolutely no idea, but I had no idea what WFJ would be about when I first started that either.

OK, that's enough exclusive news for today. Waiting for John will resume in earnest tomorrow so let the countdown begin:

20...19... 18... 17... 16...

Love and Thoughts,

The Real Tristram Spencer

*GMT + 1


  1. As sorry as I am to see you go .. I am twice as exited to read your new Aristotle work.. I love to read about other peoples faults ... I have so many of my own..
    Love your ever faithful fan xx

  2. Hi Trist,
    I will miss this too. Please post a link when it is published. ps: that is really what Jim looks like! Well the white hair and expression anyway!

  3. There have been more than one reader from this laptop. Actually, six or seven (everyone where I work). We all say that we hate losing Tistram but look very much forward to meeting "Ari".

    This has been most fun.

    Do email me when the saga of Aristotle begins.


  4. ps. Lena, I really do not have a beard. What you see is chest hair I brush up and glue to my chin with eyelash adhesive.

  5. I've been planning this book for so long,


    Aristotle McNab.

    Great Minds...

  6. Aw, no John blog? Dammit, I was looking forward to that shit.

    Though I am looking forward to this Aristotle fellow.

  7. Aristotle, he's quite the fun fellow.

  8. Dear Tristram,

    Thank you for letting us know when we will get to the last page. Your
    mail has been a nice signal that the end is nigh, just as the low number
    of pages as one reaches the end of a book does the same. They both
    prepare us for the end, when inevitably we will experience all those
    feelings of loss, to a greater or lesser degree.

    I hope you manage to get that paper publishing deal - you obviously have
    a feeling for the printed word, just as much as you have an
    understanding of publishing to the web.

    There are heaps of ways to get your book published, printed, and even
    paid for, on the web. If you need any help, please give me a shout.

    I fear that dear Tristy is not going to have a particularly happy new
    year - I am not sure that he has actually done much to deserve one,
    either. We shall see ...

  9. Ruby: I still owe you an email! I will because I have a story of my own concerning the problems you had. As for Aristotle (the story will be below under reply to Joe M) well, knowing me i'll probably get another idea in the meantime and that one will never see the light of day. it wouldn't be the first time... X

    Lena: Of course I'll post a link when/if it gets published. You would never be allowed to buy it though... to you guys it will only ever be free. X

    Jim: 6 or 7 work colleagues reading as well!!! And you get paid for it? Oh, thats wonderful... paid to read ME!!!! haha. X

    Joe M: yes, you mentioned that a while back in a mail. I think when I first used Aristotle in association with Brian. Aristotle Conman actually has quite a nice history. I first used that name when I was 19 and I would send fake fan mail to minor celebrities saying how much I loved their work and how they had been a huge influence on my life and what geniuses they were, etc. I'd always end bt either asking for money, a date or by saying I was dying from some incredible disease. So the last part completely descended into farce and was finally signed:

    Yours, A. Conman.

    Years later I revived the name and he had a blog (my very first blog) but I took it down as it was really awful. So he's been around for a bit, kinda lurking there and I was never quite sure what to do with him. I still don't know, but we're gonna go busking with him... X

    Simon: There still might be. That wouldn't be very long and maybe I could do the two at the same time. We'll see how it feels when WFJ ends, and if it still feels like there are things that need to be answered or known, then we can resussitate John for a few months.

    Lee Deville: Oh, you know him? And you don't want to kill him? Strange. I think you may have the wrong fella/felon. X

    Gurney: I answer most this by mail. Tristram a good new year.... you never know. Maybe someone somewhere will give our man a break. Maybe Brian will post tickets for Brazil through the door. X

  10. dear tristy...i will miss you so much. thank you for sharing your amazing story and brilliant talent with us. i wish i could snuggle you up just like verity used to.


  11. When the sun sets on WFJ I'll read the whole thing start to finish. I've spent too long just dipping into Mr Spencer's misadventures and owe myself a proper catch up.

  12. stacy: I owe you a mail. I haven't forgotten. There'll be other things after. X

    Ben: Oh, read whenever. It'll be here forever and when it gets between covers I'll send you a copy anyway. when i write it i try to have each post stand seperately so as one can read them like that. It's part of the challenge as many will not have been here from the start and its now something like 250 pages or so. X

  13. Jim.. your comment makes me think your the REAL Jim! Tristram, that's fantastic. I have read this from the start so it would be nice to have something to carry around and recall certain bits. That's what I do after reading anyway.


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