Woke up this morning and laid in bed until I ached. I read all the medical inserts that I keep piled up on the little table. Apparently Ibuprofen can make your head and legs and cock swell up! I often wish that I was one of these people that always suffered terrible side-effects from over-the-counter products. It’s sad, I don’t even have that ability. Though if I did I would plan natural costumes. For example, on Halloween I’d take 6 Ibus to bloat my head up. Rub on some Camoline lotion to bring my skin out in sores and blisters. a couple of Aspirin to make my eyes bulge and a packet of Hayfever pills for muscle spasms. That’d be fun. I’d just sit around at parties dying and then go home.

Cleaned the bathroom up. 17 seperate pieces of turd washed across 98 tiles. Toilet still blocked and swimming so I triple bagged the shit and laid it with the rest of the rubbish. I’ll take it to the steel bins later. There's a choice of 9 around here.

I’ve not been invited down to the morgue for a viewing and so I suppose HE is alive and somewhere out there. Then I am sad but I am hopeful sad.


  1. OH WOW
    Great, great writing, I just love the disinterest, the second post is amazing.
    More please

  2. Oh your 91 letters, 18 spaces, 3 comma's and a full stop are great! later I'll see how many sordid anagrams I can make with the letters from your user name.

    Love your site/work/words/pics too and will enjoy so much seeing more.

    WFJ. X

    1st comment - you know, just for that you will never be forgotten.

  3. Should I laugh ?

    Too late, I have.

    I hope you don't mind.

  4. Kinkynik,

    No I don't mind. I laugh writing it, but there is also a serious side to it all as well.

    Hope you continue reading, WFJ. X


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