The leaves are back on the trees. On the silver birch outside there are 3043 and more come through each day. Sometimes I stare at that tree and see if I spot a new leaf forming but I never do. I go to bed and when I wake up there’s another one. It’s a mystery. Life is a mystery. Sometimes.

I blocked the toilet up today. Absolutely on purpose. I stuffed three and a half rolls of that cheap pink paper down and then some newspaper and then took a turd on top. Then I flushed the chain and watched as the water rose up to the rim. I flushed it again and again until my bathroom was swimming in shit. Yeah, it smelt quite awful but with the door locked and sealed it’s not too bad in the bedroom. I suppose tomorrow I’ll have to clean it up. No news from John.... I hope he’s dead. I couldn’t bear being abandoned.


  1. I wondered if you thought about the irony of stopping up the toilet, aka the John. What do the turds represent?

  2. Mark,
    I did realise the irony and also this is post No.2 and we all know what a "number 2" is.

    The turds don't really represent anything. I just like them. But I suppose they could represent the scat(tered) remains of John.

    WFJ. X


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