There were three flies in the room today. One had purplish green wings and the other two were just black and hairy. Flies are strange. They never touch each other. Once John said “You’re like a fly.” We were both on the bed and staring up at the ceiling. “Only you don’t move.”  I didn’t give a reaction though my soul was shedding tears. Whats that supposed to mean? Why is he being so cruel?. When he said that he was laying with his arms behind his head and an extremely sensitive hard-on. I still didn’t move.

My mother called this afternoon. No doubt to make sure I hadn’t thrown myself out the ground floor window again. That’s my fake suicide trick... my cry for attention. Where others cut their wrists with dessert spoons I fling myself from pathetically low heights. Still, as I never answered the phone I wouldn’t know if it was that or if it were to squeeze a little lemon juice in my wounds. Jesus, if it wasn’t for her John could very well have been Joan and this mess would never have existed.


  1. Ah!
    I just love your work, it's like coded, as if there's a key somewhere just out of reach.
    Brillaint man.

  2. Heeyyy, thanks for the follow. Hope you stick around a while. I've read all your posts and am quite intrigued. Hope you keep writing cause I am looking for things between the lines.

  3. @ Nick: there's a relation between thoughts, actions and memories. That's how I sorta work. a small thing can take me off, forward or back. And it's nice when simple things maybe much deeper than they first appear. X

    @ WannabeV: Another one trying to suss me out! Haha It won't be that hard, I'm extremely shallow. X

  4. Great style, I cannot but second everything that has already been said. And I love the fly motif. Sounds like you are a great writer :)

  5. Very sad stuff, still intrigued and admiring your writing. If you're on Twitter seek me out - I sent a few people your way today. And please keep writing.

  6. @ Ilaria:

    I've just realised I enjoy compliments. You've significantly brightened my day! WFJ. X

    @ Helena:

    That's extremely sweet and kind of you, I'm touched! I'm not on Twitter no, but I've been meaning to set up an account. The moment I do I will absolutely seek you out. Thanx once again, WFJ. X


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