The handle on the living room door isn’t straight. I’ll have to inform the landlord about that. I enjoy door handles but they completely throw my day off if they are not perfectly level. My favourite door handles are not handles at all. They are knobs made of polished brass.

Later I will buy some fish. Not tin or frozen fish, live swimming fish. I’ve started coming down with terrible migraines from hours spent staring at my screensaver and figure that some pond life might work a little better.

I had a goldfish once. It never swam, just kinda hung there looking angry and watching me watch it. After about 8 weeks John made a sudden leap of energy, emptied it out on the floor and squished it into the carpet like he was scrunching out a cigarette. Equally crushed, I curled myself up, turned to the wall and cried. Silently, but there were certainly tears.


  1. I suffered from migraines for years until I started taking a new medicine that works like a charm.
    No migraines in over two years means I can drink myself silly without fear.
    One of my favorite pastimes.
    Where would I be at the end of the day without a cocktail in hand?
    Small price to pay for never eating grapefruit again.

  2. Why, I must ask, are you waiting for John?

  3. @ Jason: I prefer something similar in my hand but it is minus the tail. X

    @ I Like The View: Thanx for that. Great suggestion. Did insert it or a while but it affecte the page loading and so had to remove it. Shame. X

    @ Miss Moon: Quite simply because he has a 12 inch poker. Could there be any other logical reason? X Oh, and though he was often mean, I still adored him. X

  4. If you ask me, John needs a kick in the 12 inch, his heart dug out with a spoon and lemon juice squirted in his eye. A poor man is he who does not appreciate your unique accolades.

  5. Lena, yeah he probably does... don't we all. The good will come, I'm just taking pleasure painting huim as a complete bastard fo now. ;) WFJ. X


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