Of course John hasn't literally turned 'orange', it's a term used in the hospital for patient classification. 'Orange' refers to patients who are:

...experiencing violent outbursts or thoughts.
...considered a danger to themselves or to others.
...withdrawn, irrational and extremely uncooperative.
...displaying signs of extreme psychotic behaviour: hallucinations (audio or visual); excessive self-harm; uncontrollable sexual impulses; self-defecation; nodding along in agreement with Fred Phelps.

Well, that's the official explanation, though what it really means is that John's a ticking time bomb waiting to go off. It also means that he won't be out anytime soon; not of his own accord anyhow. Going from yellow to “orange” removes the liberty to sign oneself out. John is now confined under the mental health act. He's actually been certified insane.


  1. WOW, I don't even wanna think red might be.

  2. You are not fit to type the name of Fred Phelps, a man recently slandered by his own son as a violent child-abusing drug addict.

    Yes, the same old lies they're telling now about our friends in the Catholic faith.

    Fred doesn't lie. Priests don't lie. Popes don't lie.

    Children lie.

  3. At least Phelps the younger hasn't penned a wretched little tome a la "Mommie Dearest."

    May the Lord's vengeance be swift and nasty to any publisher who dares...

  4. @ Nick: Red is under sedation 24/7... it will be the next step. X

    @ Dolly: You've seen nothing yet. x

    @ Kinkynik: Not sure about that. John doesn't take lessons too well. They make him... violent and sadistic. X

    @ Abigail Winthrope (Mrs): Charming! And here I was actually finding myself fretting over your absence.I kept imagining you under the wheels of a no.11 bus. One can never rely on public transport! X

    @ Jason: Your friend Mrs Winthrope is here once again. Is she still making you doubt your sexuality? If you're gonna go straight, she's the straightest you can go. X

  5. I have had many battles with number 11 buses.

    The bus always loses.

    There is no in 'doubt' about sexuality.

    There is God's way.

    And there is the wrong way.

  6. If it is possible to lust in a platonic manner, then there is no doubt about my crush on Abigail Winthrope (Mrs).

  7. Jason, I'm sure that's possible for you... however, as Mrs Winthrope hasn't hade sex since 1958 I think it may be a little difficult for her to keep her hands to herself. Be careful, we don' want you to disappear! X


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