For two days now there's been road works outside the apartment. Horrendous drilling and scraping sounds wake me up and then terrorize me. From the letter box I've watched the entire proceedings.

A young fit worker in yellow safety helmet and goggles vibrates away to the rhythm of his drill. He's looks like he's on a motorbike which isn't going anywhere. After five minutes of intense muscle therapy he slams the drill down in the dirt, removes his helmet and raises his goggles. He gives his forehead and hair a slow sexy swipe as if he's being photographed coming out the sea. For a moment he just stands there looking like the ultimate queer superhero. Then he pulls his goggles back down, adjusts them and fixes his helmet back on his head. With a huff, he tears the drill out the earth, slams it back down and once again trembles away . Except for two ten minute pauses and an hour long lunch break he remains there like that for 8 hours a day. All that changes is he gradually sinks. Soon he will be completely gone, just a noise coming out the ground. And even that will eventually stop. It all reminds me of the first time I ever met John...

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