In preparation for my holiday I made an impromptu visit to the Doctor - nothing more serious than a renewal of my zombie pills.
“Jamaica!” he cried, choking on the word “Well, you'll be needing some inoculations if you're going there!” Then he rattled of a string of diseases affecting the liver and gut. He said I could end up with “blood pouring out my mouth, nose, eyes and stomach!” Why are some people such party poopers? There I was all happy and excited about my get-away and him telling me that I'd be safer staying at home eating raw chicken and drinking toilet water. When I return I think I'll try and have this scare-monger struck off the list, his medical licence revoked.

I replied to John's comment yesterday. I know I shouldn't have but I did. It is the first time there has been any dialogue between us since he upped and left 54 days ago. I suppose at some stage it had to happen. I just wish it would have been face to face or at least via telephone.

Some people think John is a shit, but that's really just because I have painted him in shitty tones. What else was I to do? I was very hurt and in some way needed to make his absence easier to bear. I told all the mean, cruel tales but I never told the good, the great, the magical. But John is that... He is ALL that is beautiful in this rather ugly world.


  1. have a great holiday, tell us about the beautiful side of john too :D

  2. Yeah right he's a great guy...

    Have a good holiday. xx

  3. Have a great holiday and hope you survive the anal cavity search you are bound to get from our lovely Border Force Offivers on your return.

  4. Blood pouring from one's mouth in a tropical climate is preferable to lounging about, broken-hearted in certain London neighborhoods.

    Eau de toilette notwithstanding.

    Broken-hearted on a sandy beach, sipping a cool glass of rum-and-something-fruity (don't forget the parasol) now that's a step in the right direction.

    Perhaps some jerked meat?

    Or does John have the gumption to hop on a plane and find you?

    ...and if you will yourself to be found? What then...

    What then indeed?

  5. Jason Zenobia just said everything i wanted to say plus some more. That makes commenting easy!
    Enjoy the holiday- wether it be real or imaginary.

  6. @ ALL:

    Please excuse me I'm very rushed today and don't have time to reply in full to everyone, but thank you all SO much! X

    Branden, Helena: Will have a great time. X The beautiful stories will follow. X

    Nick: Well that's a VERY sly way to make sure I return! X

    Jason: Jerked meat, and I'll bring Toad in the Hole to the island. X

    Dolly Asylum: WELL DONE!!! X


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