Departure Date/time: 09/06/2010 - 12.45pm
Flight: BA2263
Passenger: Tristram Spencer (and fish)
Aircraft: Boeing 777
Flight time: 9hrs 42mins
Flight type: One-way
From: London Gatwick
Destination: Norman Manley, Kingston JAMAICA.


  1. One Way..are you going to stay there?
    WOW-enjoy yourself, do you have any in-flight entertainment planned? Like counting the number of people with support socks to avoid blood bubbles or wahtever they are called....please tell.
    Have fun and HEY I am going to miss you.
    Today Stella at the 'Come Whine With Me' pretended she was dido and sang to us all..streatham is so full of crap dido singers it turns out.

  2. My nephew and his Nerdettes have decided that 'Jamaica' is a metaphor.

    'One way! It's suicide!'

    'It's jail!'

    'It's drugs!'

    'It's The Island!'

    When and if this blog ends you will have to release a DVD with explanations for everything, a la Lost. To shut them up.

    Otherwise they'll ALL end up in wheelchairs.

  3. @ Mind of mine: Oh I will. I badly need this one. X

    @ Nick: One way. No I'm not staying it's just the return tickets were so much more expensive.
    For inflight entertainment I'll either try climbing up and squeezing in to the overhead baggage compartment, counting the hairs on the back of the bald guys head who'll be in front of me, or wrestling the control of the plane from the pilot. I may even do all three! Stella, a really interesting name. Why's she pretending to be any one else? Especially Dildo.

    @ Mrs Winthorpe (thrope): It's just to get away. I so badly need to get away. Jamaica is a metaphor for 'escape'. Er, maybe when this blog ends someone else will have to release the DVD. I thought they already were in wheelchairs... Oh no, I forgot, they're only severely mentally retarded. The legs ande spine are ok. Lucky bastards! X

  4. OMFG I just checked, this flight really exists... so you're srsly going to Jamaica?! I wish you good luck, Tristram.

  5. Noooooo, don't leave us!

    I've just tagged you on a meme, hope you have the interweb on the beach.

    Helena xx

  6. @ Sir Donald: and you're the second airport in jamaica... very clever! Of course the flights real. Do you think a man like me just guesses things? X

    @ Helena: I'll find a way! And thanks as ever for all your support and help and tweets. X


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