In the three days that John has been back we have gone through just about every emotion there is, though mostly it has been good. We have talked a lot, of him leaving, of me, our future and lives. During those talks I have discovered that John is either still healing or he is still terribly sick. There is something ferocious bubbling away under his surface, something he is trying his damndest to keep hidden. He says the Cooper book that led to his disappearance opened something up in his head, something undefinable. But not a dilemma, an answer to a question he was never asked. He said it was not words he understood, but “a feeling.” When I ask him “What feeling???” he looks sad, even terrified and says “I don't know, but I knew I had to leave...” he was about to say something else, something that was probably important, but he never did. I know I should be happy, but I have this strange feeling that worlds are about to collide, just like the collision that started all this mess in the first place.


  1. 'We have gone through just about every emotion there is'.

    Really? Including religious exhilaration? Or just over emotional self-pity and fake drama? I think I can guess.

    The Nerdettes are really swirling now. Don't think they didn't notice what you did with Part 2.

    Thick Blue Glasses is furious:

    He can't go back and change things! It's against the rules!

    My nephew says Blue is becoming a right little tyrant. And he is.

    The Succession may be safe after all...

  2. Mrs Winthorpe,

    religious exhiliration, hmmm, not yet. Jophn's penis isn't working too well at the moment and he doesn't seem to want to give his arse up, so that emotion will just have to wait... though not mùch longer.

    Coming soon: a blowjob in the hallway! (you heard it here first!)

    The part 2 swap, haha. Just bad writing Mrs A (or rushed would be more nearer the truth). On reading the first post of part 2 I didn't feel it gave the correct hint as to how this part will differ from the last. On the same note, reading the last post of part 1, I didn't really feel an end to anything had really been reached. Or it had, but not in a nice way. I think the change around was the right solution, and one that gave me a 2nd chance to kick off part two in a much more relevant mood. i know you don't give a shit about any of that stuff, but you can relate it back to the Nerdettes - they'll 'get it'!

    Thick Blue Glasses sounds like he's getting a bit too clever for his lens size. You may want to 'up' the prescription, make things all foggy and give him headaches for a while!

  3. Thick Blue Glasses doesn't care about relevant moods. All he cares about are numbers. And he's had to start his calculations all over again.

    He doesn't really need the glasses.

    He thinks they are chic.

    What a find he is.

  4. Some number porn for TBG

    24122010 or 01012011

    I'm undecided yet.


  5. My nephew is taunting TBG because he instantly got the numbers code and TBG didn't. Geniuses can never see simple truths. They are always looking for complication.

    I predict neither 24122010 nor 01012011

    No queer relationship ever lasted that long.

    Unless of course one or both of you converts...


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