In 1965 Bob Dylan kicked his acoustic guitar into touch and went electric. In three days time John will do the same. I suppose I should be happy about about that, but I'm not. I kind of enjoyed pushing him around these weeks – it felt like love. I'm scared John's motorized chair will give him the independence he needs to ride away from me. I read on the internet that some battery packs can travel for 15 – 20 miles! With two of them John could go bunburying as far as Milton Keynes – I'd never get him back. I know that's selfish, but I can't help what I feel.

John was out waiting for Brian again this morning. Once more I never heard him slump out of bed, put his pants on and somehow heave himself up into his chair. I'm wondering how he manages to do that so quietly. I think tomorrow I may set the alarm on my watch early and find out. I don't want to say what I imagine... Jesus, that'd be even scarier than him going electric.

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