Someone has stolen my fluorescent pink watering canister. I left it out front on Sunday morning and now it is gone. I bet it's that rat of a postboy... shoving the spout up his arse as we speak! Well, there's nothing I can do about it at this late hour but as you can imagine it makes the watering of the window boxes a greater chore than necessary. Maybe he done it out of spite? Or worse, jealousy. The tomato plants are thriving like no-one else's around and the sweet potato vine has practically swamped the front yard. Its' not gone unnoticed either. Just this evening the OAP from no.69 with the beige surgical stocking stood on the sidewalk nodding in admiration, “Glorious,” she said “absolutely glorious!” Normally I don't speak to people from the odd side of the street but just this once I took a bow and muttered back a very proud “Thank you.”


  1. You make me laugh; I'll never be able to look at a watering can in the same way again.

    Helena xx

    PS. Sorry I've not commented much lately, the Big Move is taking up all of my time.

  2. '...John could go bunburying as far as Milton Keynes'

    Why would he go to Milton Keynes to bury buns?

    Ha ha. I love that you actually think I'm that stupid.

    Makes me feel important and free.Does that make you smile? Well isn't that me!

    God I've had that stupid song going through my head all day. Those Science fiction records by the transvestite David Bowie are all the Nerdettes will listen to.Stardusts and Diamond Dogs and Men Who Fell to Earth.

    Anyway, point is: I know what bunburying means, having sat through the Roman Swirl's version of The Importance of Being Earnest many a time. (Roman Swirl being my long time Catholic priest companions - they do so love being called Romans).

    They find the Wilde concept very useful in real life - an invented needy friend they can pretend is texting them in the middle of some boring death bed vigil or the like and who's aid they can then go off to with due haste.

    I do hope All Electric John doesn't start disappearing at a moment's notice on some such flimsy pretext...

  3. @ Helena: Oh, don't be silly!!! You earned your absence a long time ago. X

    @ A Winthrope (sounds like a fart!) "Who's let rip a 'winthrope'?"

    Bum burying is what i'm more scared of! John alone with 3 months worth of sexual frustration in his balls... i dread to think. he'd literally paint the town cream.

    No, I'm sure John won't disappear... or won't be able to! X


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