“John, John, John! Come and have a look at this. It's a miracle!” John swivelled his chair around and powered across to where I was standing in the front yard. “Can you see anything?” I asked, puffed out with pride. John looked around shaking his head. “Nope, not a dicky bird. All I can see is an empty sardine tin crawling with ants and a binbag with it's guts spilled out. Where's the miracle?”
“Look closer,” I said “it's in one of the window boxes.”
John peered in, his eyes scanning over the foliage of the boxes. And then he saw it too. Halfway up one of the tomato plants, shying behind leaf and stalk, was a small green ball no bigger than a peanut - a real live baby tomato.
“You see, the world does still work,” I said turning to John “it's the people who have all gone rotten.”


  1. This was the conclusion I came to just before my conversion.

    Soon you too will see the light.

    We must save the sinners from themselves.

  2. On this earth,

    In this day

    By any means necessary

    - Abigail X

  3. What a great post. The world does work but we have to look hard sometimes. Look above and beyond the depths of human nature.

  4. this gave me a calm,
    i haven't felt in years.

  5. @ Abigail X: At first I thought you was sending me a kiss, then it struck me just what it meant. Malcolm. You with an ideology is just scary... though I suppose not as scary as your tongue in my ars... mouth. X

    @ Menina: Oh thank you... human nature, what's that? Oh yeah, being kicked in the ribs, I remember now. X

    @ Dusty: Hiya Sir! Before the storm there is ???? You said it. X


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