This weekend John has been an absolute Darling. If I wasn't already smitten by him I would have fallen in love all over again.

Yesterday I wheeled him down to the herb garden in Ruskin park and we passed the early afternoon rubbing mint and rosemary between our fingers. Later we joined the crowds outside the Pavillion tea house who had gathered to listen to the parks brass band play. Oh it was magnificent. John and I sat shelling hard boiled eggs as they knocked out wonderful classics such as Danny Boy and Jerusalem. But by far the highlight of the show was their rendition of Rodrigo's Concierto de Aranjuez. As it struck up shivers prickled through my head and John kinda froze as if spellbound.
“D'you remember they played this at Luke's funeral?” he whispered. I nodded.
“He loved this composition, especially the mid section. It was his favourite.”
“Mine too,” I said
Halfway through the piece John turned to me. There were tears in his eyes and he had trouble speaking. “Tristy, we are dying... fate is eating us alive. Today will be our last great day together. Breathe and blink it in and then treasure it. But don't ever forget this moment, this time. There was love in me once, you know, but you are right, we have all gone rotten. But not by chance. Oh no. There are reasons why things go bad... there are reasons for everything.”
“Why did you go rotten, John? Tell me?” I asked “Maybe we can make it better?” John just shook his head and gave a thin tragic smile. He looked like he was remembering something beautiful sad. “The music, Tristy, just listen to the music.” I did, and then I started crying too. For some reason I knew that John was right, that somehow our days were really numbered.


  1. 'Well of course they're numbered' said Thick Blue Glasses. '101, 102 , 103...'

    'We have all gone rotten. But not by chance'.

    Or as Mr. Shakespeare said:

    For Sweetest Things turn sourest by their deeds

    Lillies that fester smell far worse than weeds

    - Sonnet number 94

    These sacred words were spoken by fag hag Liza Minnelli on an album produced by English queers The Pet Shop Boys.

    What next - Lady Gaga sings The Bible:the Remix ?

  2. @ Mrs Winthrope: Or by other persons deeds... I think that was probably what he was geting at.

    Lady Gaga again... it seems you really want her or him in a Suicide note! Wish granted. before this sordid affair reaches a conclusion she will be no more. X

    @ Jim: It's been like that since they pulled me out the womb. I saw the world and then my mother. X


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