Even though he couldn't see me it felt like he could. Brian I mean. I was watching him through an inch gap in the living room curtains as he passed swiftly down the odd side of the street. Before confronting him with any accusations I wanted to be absolutely certain that it was he who had stamped my baby tomato into the ground. If so, when he passed he would surely have a look, maybe even a little snigger in celebration.

When he did finally arrive he skipped by without so much as breaking his stride. No look, no smirk, no two fingers, nothing. That doesn't mean he's not guilty, but once again doubts exist. It seems that nowhere in this silly head of mine can I have one definite thought. There are more question marks on the end of my answers than in the questions themselves.

Q: Did he do it?
A: I don't know???


On Monday Verity will be released from prison. I've not had the chance to explain to her what happened last Friday, though I suppose one of the prison staff would have delighted in telling her what became of her visitors. I don't feel too bad about it. At least with what happened I have some great ammo against John. She will almost certainly fall completely over to my side of the fence now. Maybe she will even hate John? Hate him for beating me and fucking up the visit and all the other mean things he has done in her absence. I could never hate John myself, but I could maybe enjoy someone else hating him. Now that wouldn't be too bad at all.


  1. For some reason I have a feeling this won't work out as you hope...

  2. Oh, I don't know... something has to. X


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