Today didn't last forever; it didn't even last all day.

At just gone 3pm, as I was out front pruning and watering the plants, I discovered that my sole baby tomato was gone. At first I thought I was imagining things, then that I must be mistaken, and finally that it was a joke. When I found it busted open and stamped into the ground it may just as well have been my heart. I could do nothing other than close my eyes and mourn my latest broken dream.

Unless Marlowe had fancied a bolognese sauce to go along with his afternoon rump steak then my suspicions lay elsewhere. Suspect no.1 was a freshly spited 17 year old postboy - a kid with a very limited future.


  1. Squashed tomato
    pips and peel
    Scrunch it down
    and hear it squeal

    Squashed tomato
    got no roots
    stamped to fuck
    under ruthless boots

    hee hee, butt seriously, though ya won't beleave me. Knot gilty yer 'onah!

    Mwaaahhhh. XXX

  2. I hope the tomato splashed up your leg and aggravates your acne Brian


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