I honestly don't know if life is playing a nasty trick on me or a hilarious practical joke. This evening John said that tomorrow he wants me to take him to 'Dino's Hairdressers' so as he can get a tight perm. He said that a perm would better bring out the natural contours of his face and would also be more fitting for someone in a wheelchair. Well, I almost choked on my cup of Lady Grey. I looked at him and just couldn't help laughing.

A tight perm! I'm not sure even I could love a man with genital hair on his head.


  1. Typical queer!

    After all he's done and got away with you'd ditch him because of a haircut...

  2. Don't start that lark Abigail... It was you who first mentionned poodles! X

  3. I understand now:

    There can only be ONE poodle in this relationship.


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