When I showed John my photo knock-up of him with a perm (monday evening), not even he thought it was a good idea.

John gets a Poodle

However, after John's little performance yesterday, and his stubborn refusal to clean himself up, I have a far smellier problem than powder puffed perms to occupy my time.

A proper explanation to follow...


  1. i very much like it.
    much softer.
    it looks like a day at the salon will be very


  2. i wish you wouldn't have talked him out of it...it would serve him right to have to roll around looking like that!

  3. John gets a poodle?

    John's already got a poodle.

    Nice picture.

    Of The Phantom of the Opera.

  4. Dolls & Guys (Winthrope): I'm playing catch-up again so really don't have much time. Glad you all liked John's tight perm pic, there were various other versions but that seemed about the best of the bunch. I'll probably load the others onto Facebook... along with one of Brians miniature willy. I still can't believe that thing's classed as a sexual organ... or an instrument of pleasure... it's just bizarre. X


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