On returning home from my afternoon indiscretion I found Marlowe sitting outside the front yard gate. As I flipped the catch he nosed his way in and went straight for the window box. He sniffed around a bit then fell back down on all fours.

“Wooof!” he woofed, disappointedly
“Oh, There's nothing there for you yet, boy” I said, “you'll have to give us a minute.”

The honest look that the dog gave me made me feel terrible, like somehow it was him and his loyal innocence I had betrayed. I dropped to my knees and flung myself around his neck. As I washed him in my guilty tears he licked and slobbered at my ear lobe. “God, what will you do when I'm gone?” I cried “You know, I won't be around for ever.”


  1. Back to decimals!

    I'll never hear the end of this from The Nerdettes.

    If you go away

    I want Marlowe...

  2. Tristy to distract you and give you something else to think about .. you know take you away from your reality .. I have tagged you in a fashion post .. I could not think of someone I would rather hear their opinion about their own style from. It may give your self confidence a boost..Not that you need it after your little dalliance xx


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