Ok, for this once you'll have to make do with a kind of update. I'd love to give you five pages of detail but things are now constantly happening here and I barely have time to report one incident than another has occurred. I think we're heading for some kind of a climax...

Now where were we? Ah yes, Brian...

09h32 Monday morning. Brian turns into the street pushing John. They have been gone all night and both are in a terrible state. John is singing and waving his arms in the air as if he'd just had his name called out on The Price is Right – his shoes are on his hands. Brian is no better. His shirt is torn open and his face is streaked in mascara and God only knows what else. They look like medical students coming home after a couple of Shandy's.

As I have been for the past three hours, I am pressed to the front room window watching them. My fears of John never coming back now give way to rage and I curse his return. I think: It may be a crime to lock John in, but there's no law about locking him out!' and so that's what I do. I bolt the door and wait for John's key to turn unsuccessfully in the lock and then for his thudding.

John is banging on the door:
“Let me in you shit! I fucking live here too!”
“Fuck off back to your Boytoy, you're not getting back in!” I scream
“Oh, is that right, is it, ha!”

And he started circling around outside. Down the curb, across the road, up the curb, along past three cars, down the curb, across the road, up the curb, along the pavement, past the window: “Cunt! Cocksucker!, down the curb. And it went on like that for 16 hours, until he threw his spare wheelchair battery through the window and I had no choice but to open up and let him in.

02h00. verity arrives in a mini-cab. John says it wasn't him who put the window through, but vandals. Then he breaks down and starts talking in depth of this plan I have to torture and kill him. He says he found notes and sketches hidden inside one of my Barbara Cartland novels. When verity asked: “Why would Tristy want you dead???” John replied “Maybe to get back at Brian!”

So, that's how John came to be circling around outside like a vulture. Of course, that was two days ago, and since then all manner of things have taken place...


  1. I am glad that you cleared up what had happened I thought I had missed something.. I hate the name Brian.. slug like snail-ish kind of name.. yet every Brian I know is usually arrogant and boorish .. Although I have not met one wearing mascara.
    John needs some therapy that is for sure....
    I am glad that Verity is there to protect you xx

  2. Yes Wilderness THIS Brian is loathsome but Family Guy Brian is my hero.

    A piece of the puzzle has fallen into place for me:

    John has accused you of trying to kill him before.

    And I wondered.

    But now he's saying it's to get back at Brian.

    And surely Breeo only came on the scene AFTER previous vague death threat claims.

    I shall of course check with the Nerdettes about the timing.

    It is important to my purposes to ascertain if you are capable of murder.


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