Whenever I'm depressed or in pain I masturbate. I'm never so sexually charged as when I'm suicidal. Wanking is a cure for mental illness and toothache. It should be prescribed free on the NHS.


  1. hot...and true.

  2. I too am a fan of that ancient cure for everything.

    It helps to love one's work.

  3. Is it true that if I masturbate too much, I'll go blind?? I'm starting to get worried because when I looked @ this pic in your blog, well, see for yourself . . . Click Here

  4. @ Anon: Me? lol You ain*t seen me. I'm no where near as good looking as my avatar! X

    @ asexual: Congratulations... don't forget to wear a condom; safe sex an all that; X

    @ Wannabe: I take it you do it too? X

    @ Jason: I'm thinking salad dressing Jason!!! It*s quite exciting... lol. X

    @ David: Yep, you've been going at it a little too hard. During my teen years I lost my sight 15,657 times. Poor boy. :) X

  5. that is true, too...lol

  6. It's been my favorite treatment for a multitude of conditions. Sometimes a few times a day!


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