Well, it has all happened so fast that it's still a bit of a blur, but on the 15th June (next tuesday) at 3pm I will be going to The Maudsley Psychiatric Hospital in South London. But not on a visit and not in a straight-jacket of my own. No, I'm going to collect someone very special: John is coming home.


  1. I'm so happy for you! Enjoy getting John home at long last!

  2. Good to hear. Keep as posted if you can.

  3. @ Biki: yes, it's so exciting I'm constantly standing at 12 o'clock! X

    @ Abigail: neither do the numbers! X

    @ WannabeVirginia: I really don't think I can forgive that typo. i think maybe you just should never come back! As for us... what a blunder!!!! X


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